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Career in MBA With Digital Marketing Specialisation in Pune

MBA is one of the most common options chosen by students after completing their graduation. MBA offers different specialisations including marketing, finance, HR, operations management, telecom management and so on.

In today’s world of business, the business dynamics have changed, the business models have changed, the customer buying behaviour has changed, the content consumption patterns has changed. Consumers have become smarter, so companies need to have a deep dive consumer insights approach so convince their customers.

Also, as the startup culture is evolving in India which has a huge potential to grow in the future. With technology as a backbone of business, companies are driving huge revenue through online business, as the overheads are low.

But in order to scale a startup or any business, one of the key things which plays an important role is Digital Marketing. Internet penetration in India has exceeded half a billion people, due to which Digital Marketing has become one of the key channels in marketing. All businesses are now looking to hire experts in Digital Marketing, so the demand for digital marketing experts is rising and the jobs in the digital marketing field are offered at a higher pay scale.

So doing an MBA in Pune with a Digital Marketing specialisation would work as an advantage once you complete the course, as you would have multiple job opportunities to look forward to. There are multiple domains in Digital Marketing which you can choose to specialise in and build your career.

What are the different domains in Digital Marketing ?

The are different domains in Digital Marketing which are as below:

Search Engine Marketing (Paid Ads) - Search Engine Marketing often referred as paid search ads are search ads which rank on Google search once a user searches a query. Below is an example of a Search ad.

As the users are actively looking for your products or services, the chances of conversions are very high. So the demand for search advertising professionals is very high in the market. You can build your skills in search advertising and look for job profiles in the space.

Social Media

As you know social media is booming because of channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat etc, it helps to connect businesses with their audiences and drive engagement and conversions.

Social Media is divided into two aspects, content and ads. You can be a part of the social media team of a company or an agency and create engagement driven campaigns for the brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is to increase visibility of your website in organic search results, which means improving the ranking of your website without advertising. SEO has long term benefits and reduces the acquisition cost, over a period of a time for a business.

You can look for SEO as a career option because every business wants to drive revenue with minimum investment, so the demand for SEO experts will always be there in Digital.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is very useful for awareness and brand building. Display ads are also known as banner or image ads. These ads are visible on publishing websites like NDTV, Times of India, Tennis.com and so on. Below is an example of display ad

Display advertising profile is part of the paid advertising profile of marketers, where individuals work with the paid marketing team of the brand or agency.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another domain of digital media which has a huge potential to grow. Content is about storytelling, it’s about creating an impact about your brand within your target audience.

But content marketing is about creativity, where you will have to come up with ideas which encourages users to engage with your brand. If you have a blend towards developing ideas, then content marketing is the domain which you should specialise in.

Programmatic Advertising & DCO

Programmatic advertising is another domain which is booming in the digital world today. Programmatic advertising ads related to automation of media buying and personalisation of ads to specific users on Digital. Personalisation of ads is the future of Digital Marketing.

The media spends of advertisers has moved to programmatic ads from traditional display ads. Big advertisers including Flipkart, Amazon, Make My Trip, OYO etc focus on programmatic advertising and dynamic creative optimization to drive revenue.
As a Digital Marketer you can handle the programmatic campaigns for a brand and build a career in the programmatic advertising space.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the commonly used domains in marketing. Email marketing helps you to build a relationship with your customer, also it helps you to connect with your customer with a personalised message.

The opportunities after MBA in email marketing are huge because email marketing is about email communication with the existing audiences through email automation. Brands hire email marketing experts to define their email automation campaigns and lead nurturing process.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process of selling somebody else’s product and earning commissions out of it. One of the common examples is Trivago, where users on Trivago are diverted to other travel/hospitality websites to book hotels.

As an affiliate marketer you can set up your own business and start earning by sitting at your home. But to do so, you need to have a deep dive knowledge about marketing and spend time in this domain.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is about increasing conversions on the website through A/B testing, dynamic content, landing page optimization and so on. It is another domain which you can specialise in as many business challenges are to drive more conversions.

Conversion rate optimization is a booming field and has huge potential to grow. So you can explore this field as a career option and build expertise in the domain.

Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon marketing services is about advertising your products on Amazon search and Amazon display. As amazon is one of the popular ecommerce platforms in the world, brands focus on amazon, brand ads and product display ads to drive sales for their business.

As a marketer you can get hands on experience on Amazon advertising and build your career in this field. You can also start your business and start selling on Amazon after few years of experience.

These are the important domains in digital marketing in which you can build your career in while doing MBA in Pune with Digital Marketing as a specialisation. There are few other domains including mobile marketing, video marketing etc which you can look at one you decide to make a career move towards digital.

Job Profiles in Digital Marketing

  • SEM Analyst
  • Social Media Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization Expert
  • Content Creator
  • Media Planner
  • Analytics Expert
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Digital Marketing Head
  • Group Account Manager
  • Group Head - Digital

As Pune being one the growing cities dominated by IT companies, these IT companies have also started their Digital Marketing division and are hiring digital experts in their team at different levels of job functions. So job opportunities post MBA in pune have increased, thanks to Digital Marketing!

About the Author:

Rahul Gadekar

Founder of R Interactives & R Academy. He has vast experience in Programmatic Advertising, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), Search Marketing and also acts as a consultant & advisor to around 10 Agencies.

He is also a visiting faculty with Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM – MBA), Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication (SIMC – MBA), S B Patil & other B Schools in Pune

Life @ SBPIM

I remember clearly as if it were just yesterday, I was sitting in the seminar hall on the first day of induction programme. " You are going to enjoy this MBA college life", I heard Dr. Daniel Penkar say over the mic on the dias. He was our director who retired just a couple of weeks ago. My mind was filled with questions. " Did I make the right decision by choosing to pursue my MBA!? " , I thought to myself." Am I on the right path or will I be wasting my time, money and effort!?" Dr. Daniel's words came directly at the time of me asking myself these questions. I wasn't going to believe Dr. Daniel when he confidently claimed that I was going to enjoy my MBA college life here at SBPIM, not because he didn't feel trustworthy but because of my life's motto which is to try things for oneself first, first experience them firsthand and then and only then believe them.
I had spent only a week in my college when I realised taht the best of the teaching staff has been appointed here. One of the major academic shocks I received was to how well the teaching faculty bonded with the students. It was amazing and felt odd because I had spent more than four years of life studying engineering from a college which did not believe in student teacher bonding or extra curricular activities for that matter. Dr. Daniel had not divulge any details about college culture in the induction speech. That may be one of the reasons as to why every experience seemed all the more surprising when it came to pass! I still wasn't going to jump to the conclusion that the college was as fantastic as others had claimed. I was enjoying my interaction with the faculty for sure but that was just the beginning of more fun to come.

I have always enjoyed music and dance but not practicing dance daily had turned my once flexible body into a log of wood. What has MBA got to do with dance you ask!? Garba! One of the most pleasant news i heard about my MBA college celebrating Navaratri festival was that it was celebrating Navaratri festival in the first place! I came to MBA form an engineering college which did not believe in granting even a single holiday to students let alone celebrate it. It was a joyful news for me! Now can you imagine my amazement when I found out that two garba dance instructors were appointed by the college to teach students garba! " One hour of garba daily! Wow!" I said to myself. And that's just the practice session. On the final day of Navaratri all the students had to come dressed in traditional attire and dance to garba music . But that's not it! There was more! There were prizes held for students based on their dancing skills , costume and enthusiasm in general.

If the enjoyment from cultural activities was not enough then the students were further encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities . And how!? The college would pay half of the participation fees for any extra curricular activity the student participated in. The first thing that I did after reaching home was to check exactly how much fees I was paying. Was I paying way too much fees for the college to have such encouragement schemes!? But no, the fees were totally normal! The college would pay the entire participation fees if he wins any college competition! Even students who won consolation prizes were facilitated in the college again. Now I was sure , there definitely some wrong with the college fees I was paying!

Three months in this college now , I find myself thinking about the director's words during the induction programme. He was right. I was enjoying my MBA life like anything. It is said that as you grow older you come to know beforehand whether you are going to miss something when it goes away. I can't speak for others but I for sure know that I am going to miss my MBA college life. I can totally relate to the lyrics of the famous song ' I am really gonna miss this place , I am gonna miss my college days'.

By Shriyas Partil

MBA-I , 2019-21 Batch