Outstand from other MBA candidates: A Need for Better Managerial Throw

Masters in Business Management today has been on everybody’s career choice list. You may choose any career field but if your activities are not backed by proper management, you will not be able to achieve greater heights. Having known this fact, a heavy rush has been observed in the past few years in the MBA schools to gain the degree. To the management dismay, though the number of managers emerged at a fast pace, not all of them were capable enough to express their management skills as and when required. Therefore, even if a large number of MBA candidates appear around, very few have that actual managerial attitude and skills to encash. If you aim to be among these very few, you ought to possess the demanding extraordinary managerial skills in your hand.

Among the best of management studies provided by many B schools in Pune, S. B. Patil is one of the best MBA college & business schools in Pune. If you really want to outstand from other MBA candidates and that you should be highlighted amidst all, SBPIM is your destination. It has been regarded as the best B school in Pune. So, what is that makes an MBA candidate from SBPIM appear distinctive from the rest? Here are the highlights of such candidates.

1. Leadership Skills :
It is but obvious that when you are striving to hold a degree in Management, leadership skills are what should be your playing card because management and leadership are indispensable. A good leader is expected to be amiable to his/her team and should be helping them at every step in achieving the collective goal. An extrovert personality is an added advantage.

2. Communication Skills :
A sound, positive and confident communication adds to your getting –smart list. Managerial positions demand effective communication with all sorts of people in (employee) an out (clients) of the organization. A good communication first requires good listening and deep understanding of what others are willing to say.

3. Creative :
Businesses in today’s competitive world ask for innovative management tools. The old traditional management activities fail to produce desired impact on today’s 21st century working culture. As a result, MBA candidates are expected to be innovative and creative. At times, the routine defined set of managerial tools doesn’t work and during such circumstances, managers are required to adapt to new challenging situations and suggest a fruitful remedy. Therefore, MBA candidates need to widen their perspectives so as to tackle difficult situations and reach to an acceptable conclusion.

4. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis :
The one who is good at playing numbers has an advantage in being an extraordinary MBA candidate. Managers often need to analyze the data and do the quantitative analysis and for this, they should be well acquainted with the basic mathematics.
The qualitative analysis involves sorting the large number of projects and selecting the right profitable one. Among the various managerial activities, making presentations and displaying them in most efficient way is the routine one.

5. Solution oriented approach :
Though almost all businesses are working on automated systems and computers to eliminate human errors, managers have to face a number of day to day problems that demand immediate solutions. So what is expected from an MBA candidate is not to raise the question ‘what is this?’ but rather, ‘how to?’. A strong thought process and ability to analyze the problem from all aspects help find solutions to different issues.

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6. In-depth knowledge of International Businesses :
An adept manager is the one who is keen in competitors’ and other businesses as well. In order to stand exceptional in the competitive environment, thorough knowledge of national international standards is a must. Learning and properly understanding the standards and finding ways to implement them as and when required should be a manager’s one of the priority tasks.

7. Time management Skills :
You may have a huge list of required task to be done or you may have a good solution to a major problem, but if you fail to deploy it at the right time, the task or the solution loses its value. Time management is a must have skill so as to undertake all the critical managerial responsibilities.

8. Decision making Skills :
Managers quite frequently need to make decisions regarding different areas like finance, purchases, inventory, production, marketing and distribution, hiring new employees, etc. An MBA candidate should be able to think from all angles and should be confidently capable of making decisions. He should also study the consequences that may arise after making the decision. A right decision at the right time brings expected results.

9. Negotiation Skills :
As mentioned before, an MBA candidate should be a good listener. He should try to understand other’s point of view and at the same time should be ably making the other person understand his. In finalizing the projects, the manager needs to comprehend the company’s along with the client’s interest. A profitable project for the company as well as for the client has to be chosen and this is possible only through negotiation skills.

10. Self evaluation :
An MBA candidate ought to evaluate himself/herself on routine basis so as to understand where he/she stands and to find the pathway ahead where he/she aims to be. Self evaluation helps to rectify mistakes and also to minimize them in future. Self evaluation is backed by a learning approach and getting ready for new challenges.
Thus, the above mentioned qualities, if possessed by an MBA candidate, will never make him/her fail in any way. Most of the MBA colleges in Pune help students acquire these qualities. However, among the topmost choice should be the S. B. Patil College located at Nigdi for, as their slogan says, they truly have the ‘Art of creating leaders.’