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MBA will enhance your career

A majority of those who graduate MBA in India are engineers. A Master’s degree in Business Administration is for anyone from any field who wants to enhance his/her expert level. Pursuing an MBA degree from a top institute will boost your career. There are several top notch B schools in Pune that will help you in following your dreams.

SBPIM ranked 7th by Times of India for the best B school in pune in 2015

Why should one pursue an MBA degree?

Whether you are arts, commerce or science graduate, as long as you satisfy the basic standards, you can pursue an MBA Degree. But, don’t just join it for gaining an MBA degree. If you are a graduate in a particular stream, then you would be smart enough to know the market, have the knowledge and understand your strengths.

MBA is all about the value gain you get while pursuing the course such as enhancing skills like thinking, cognition, knowledge, attitudinal and behavioral change.

Should MBA be pursued right after graduation or after getting some work experience?

A graduate has degree advantages – you are young, innovative and productive, because of which the answers you come up with for cases will also be good enough. But these are likely to be with empty insight about the real world scenarios. People with experience will never agree with the solutions youngsters’ propose. There is a lot of difference of thinking in young minds and the people with experience. The experienced people might think youngsters only dream and strive.

In the U.S. business schools, it is necessary to have some work experience because it allows you to look at a scenario or a problem from the point of view of experience you earned while working and what you have seen in reality.

There are numerous kinds of MBAs to pursue

  • residential
  • part-time
  • weekend
  • online

How to choose which course to study?

If you have a choice, go for the residential MBA program because it will provide you with the opportunity to learn things from your classmates who will bring in their diverse educational and experience into the class. But it may not be feasible for many due to practical reasons. In such cases a weekend. Part-time or an online MBA will be the choice for you. Any course undertaken regularly with dedication will surely serve you.

What is it that employers look for?

Over the years, people pursuing an MBA degree have been significantly on the hike. Employers always look to hire person who can produce the best results. There could be a preference towards graduates from top business schools. Here the institution always plays a major role in getting an MBA degree from a reputed college will surely serve with ripe benefits. Once you join, your promotion or bonus will depend on your skills which are the result of your degree from the particular college. The S.B Patil institute of Management is one of the top MBA college in Pune which serves the students with excellent educational services. The placements also depend on your intelligence, talent, networking, communication skills and how much value you give to each of these. When you pursue an MBA degree, the focus is on hard courses like decision science and finance. This is why business schools are now offering more soft skill courses like value, integrity and culture.

The difference between the Indian business environment and the global business environment:

In most of the business schools, students are groomed for both Indian and global business situations. In some case studies, the conditions may be local, but the focus is also on universal notions like human relations and strategy.

You cannot point out the difference between either of the business conditions because there are both internal and external factors associated. There is always something more to what you see. Authority is everywhere. Government regulations are just principles for businesses to be run in a specific way. Indian or foreign, you should adjust to the system you are going to work for. It all comes down to adapting and flexibility.

Outstand from other MBA candidates: A Need for Better Managerial Throw

Masters in Business Management today has been on everybody’s career choice list. You may choose any career field but if your activities are not backed by proper management, you will not be able to achieve greater heights. Having known this fact, a heavy rush has been observed in the past few years in the MBA schools to gain the degree. To the management dismay, though the number of managers emerged at a fast pace, not all of them were capable enough to express their management skills as and when required. Therefore, even if a large number of MBA candidates appear around, very few have that actual managerial attitude and skills to encash. If you aim to be among these very few, you ought to possess the demanding extraordinary managerial skills in your hand.

Among the best of management studies provided by many B schools in Pune, S. B. Patil is one of the best MBA college & business schools in Pune. If you really want to outstand from other MBA candidates and that you should be highlighted amidst all, SBPIM is your destination. It has been regarded as the best B school in Pune. So, what is that makes an MBA candidate from SBPIM appear distinctive from the rest? Here are the highlights of such candidates.

1. Leadership Skills :
It is but obvious that when you are striving to hold a degree in Management, leadership skills are what should be your playing card because management and leadership are indispensable. A good leader is expected to be amiable to his/her team and should be helping them at every step in achieving the collective goal. An extrovert personality is an added advantage.

2. Communication Skills :
A sound, positive and confident communication adds to your getting –smart list. Managerial positions demand effective communication with all sorts of people in (employee) an out (clients) of the organization. A good communication first requires good listening and deep understanding of what others are willing to say.

3. Creative :
Businesses in today’s competitive world ask for innovative management tools. The old traditional management activities fail to produce desired impact on today’s 21st century working culture. As a result, MBA candidates are expected to be innovative and creative. At times, the routine defined set of managerial tools doesn’t work and during such circumstances, managers are required to adapt to new challenging situations and suggest a fruitful remedy. Therefore, MBA candidates need to widen their perspectives so as to tackle difficult situations and reach to an acceptable conclusion.

4. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis :
The one who is good at playing numbers has an advantage in being an extraordinary MBA candidate. Managers often need to analyze the data and do the quantitative analysis and for this, they should be well acquainted with the basic mathematics.
The qualitative analysis involves sorting the large number of projects and selecting the right profitable one. Among the various managerial activities, making presentations and displaying them in most efficient way is the routine one.

5. Solution oriented approach :
Though almost all businesses are working on automated systems and computers to eliminate human errors, managers have to face a number of day to day problems that demand immediate solutions. So what is expected from an MBA candidate is not to raise the question ‘what is this?’ but rather, ‘how to?’. A strong thought process and ability to analyze the problem from all aspects help find solutions to different issues.

B schools in Pune

6. In-depth knowledge of International Businesses :
An adept manager is the one who is keen in competitors’ and other businesses as well. In order to stand exceptional in the competitive environment, thorough knowledge of national international standards is a must. Learning and properly understanding the standards and finding ways to implement them as and when required should be a manager’s one of the priority tasks.

7. Time management Skills :
You may have a huge list of required task to be done or you may have a good solution to a major problem, but if you fail to deploy it at the right time, the task or the solution loses its value. Time management is a must have skill so as to undertake all the critical managerial responsibilities.

8. Decision making Skills :
Managers quite frequently need to make decisions regarding different areas like finance, purchases, inventory, production, marketing and distribution, hiring new employees, etc. An MBA candidate should be able to think from all angles and should be confidently capable of making decisions. He should also study the consequences that may arise after making the decision. A right decision at the right time brings expected results.

9. Negotiation Skills :
As mentioned before, an MBA candidate should be a good listener. He should try to understand other’s point of view and at the same time should be ably making the other person understand his. In finalizing the projects, the manager needs to comprehend the company’s along with the client’s interest. A profitable project for the company as well as for the client has to be chosen and this is possible only through negotiation skills.

10. Self evaluation :
An MBA candidate ought to evaluate himself/herself on routine basis so as to understand where he/she stands and to find the pathway ahead where he/she aims to be. Self evaluation helps to rectify mistakes and also to minimize them in future. Self evaluation is backed by a learning approach and getting ready for new challenges.
Thus, the above mentioned qualities, if possessed by an MBA candidate, will never make him/her fail in any way. Most of the MBA colleges in Pune help students acquire these qualities. However, among the topmost choice should be the S. B. Patil College located at Nigdi for, as their slogan says, they truly have the ‘Art of creating leaders.’

How will an MBA boost your career?

An MBA is perfect for individuals looking to gain extra abilities: Managers trying for official and administration positions and high-level executive who are searching for higher capabilities to expand on their experience as a manager/pioneer. Then again, a master’s business degree is perfect for individuals who are hoping to build specific skills and concentrate on one specific field. They might be recent graduates with little hands-on business experience and students who are more inspired by research.

best mba college in Pune

There are some wrong explanations given, behind going to business schools. Try not to do an MBA in the event that you don’t know what else to do. Candidates for business Schools should know the field they plan to move into and how the degree will help them. In case you want to go into a profession that is not in business and that doesn’t require an MBA, it might be preferable to do a specialised master’s degree. In short, one should know how the MBA degree will help him/her in their future endeavours or plans. There are plenty of MBA colleges in Pune which are working well but few are known to be the best B Schools in Pune, namely S.B. Patil Institute of Management, Pune.

The choice to go for an MBA is not easy, and you should weigh up many elements to guarantee that it is the correct course for you. Ask yourself where you need to be in 5 to 10 years. In the event that going to business school will quick track you to that objective, go for it!

The primary concern is to do your homework. Evaluate your career objectives and locate the educational way that will best help you accomplish these objectives. Explore the requirements for positions you try to reach and converse with individuals in those fields about what program they picked and why. There is no one right answer, however, this process will help you limit down the best option for you.

Here are five perks of an MBA:

Enhance your skill set

Regardless of what your experience, you will leave your MBA program with a novel skills set. An MBA’s scope of discipline will permit you to make strategic decisions and feel sure that you hear what you’re saying. You’re adapting more than your way around a ledger. Will sharpen those all-important soft skills, which permit you to lead a team (or an organisation) towards a shared vision of achievement.

Network like you’ve never networked before

In a decent MBA program, you’re not just going to gain from some of the finest business and administration scholastics on the planet; however, you’ll additionally wind up among an expert and fascinating associate gathering! The power of the program, during which you’ll be working intimately with your colleagues, implies that you’ll form close bonds.

Expand your career options

Regardless of whether you need to change your position, job sector or area, rotating toward another path can be daunting. In any case, the skills you acquire through the span of your degree, the people you meet, and the organisations you work with will open doors for you, and take your profession in new and unexpected direction.

See the world

An MBA offers opportunities for travel and networking with top specialists from over the globe. Many projects will permit you to test yourself in another new business condition abroad or go up against a real consulting project. You’ll be prepared for a profession in a globalised world, and you’ll get a little taste of what the world has to offer.

best B School in Pune

Once you successfully complete your Masters in Business Administrations regardless of the place where you are looking to build your career, your master degree will be acknowledged and finally, you will increase your credibility among other business people. The main advantage of an MBA however, is its proven versatility; after completing an MBA, you can choose many career options and can advance to higher and better salary jobs way faster. Finally, if you are really searching for Business management school in Pune then go with SBPIM, Pune without a doubt!


   Usually, people talk about roles and responsibilities and get away by saying that either they are good at management or are pathetic at it; it hardly defines what level of management they refer to.

   Every individual has to manage, the level and roles and responsibilities might be different; it could be at home or office or outside. Everywhere the skill set looks to be different but all have common goals. The goal has to be to make things look easy, to make things smooth and to be productive at the same time. Some people are God gifted with the management skills, some learn it on the field, and most of us look for ways to learn it. Therefore, MBA is the chosen field of interest for many of us.

   Every MBA program has a primary set of admission requirements. Nearly all of the fields amongst them require a bachelor’s degree and most look positively on several years of prior work experience. Other expectations might include excellent letters of recommendation and a top GMAT score.

   Top business schools in Pune do not merely want an ordinary student; they are looking for special Students. Here are some of the qualities major schools try to find in an MBA student:

1. Passion: Going ‘all in’

   At first glance, having passion sounds fulfilling, uplifting and elevating. It is a vital ingredient, which we need to stay engaged and tuned into ourselves. The concept of passion is something that everyone loves, yet few really grasp and live out its true meaning. The word ‘passion’ is derived from Ancient Greek and Latin verbs used to convey ‘suffering’.

   In our modern context, passion has become known only for its positive associations, but it’s important not to forget the amount of energy that passion requires. Passion can be cultivated if you have the curiosity and openness to be passionate about something. In the case of applying to business school, the MBA admissions committee will want to see someone who is passionate, willing to shoulder the risk and doesn’t steer away from making sacrifices. Being smart and talented is simply not enough. What will get you through the difficult task of paying your dues is passion since it is what makes your efforts worthwhile. The committee will pay close attention to those individuals who are able to demonstrate their passion, which shows a fullness of character that can’t be gleaned from data alone.

2. Leadership

   The MBA admissions committee is also concerned with the leadership achievements of a prospective MBA student. Top business schools want to draw in leaders who’ve already contributed positively to their communities and societies, so you should round up examples of how you have shown yourself to be a go-getter.

   Give specific instances of how you marshalled resources, motivated others around you to join together, and proposed a creative solution. Even if you can’t think of a specific, concrete example of leadership, the objective is to show how and where you made a true impact. It’s OK if the examples you have don’t initially strike you as particularly noteworthy or attention-getting. After all, the best leaders are usually those who are also strong team players. When you are applying for business school, hone in on instances in which you showed personal initiative. When an opportunity arises, are you the first to dive in and go for it?

3. Community service

   Even though community service is generally perceived as being voluntary, it is highly valued by many business schools. This is because community service almost always reflects your priorities and values, and speaks volumes about you as a person. Community service is a broad category that encompasses taking an active role and interest in your surrounding environment. It provides an opportunity for you to reveal facets of yourself that aren’t immediately apparent in your application. More importantly, your history of activism and participation shows the MBA admissions committee that you are likely to be an active contributor to their student and alumni organisations. As much as your test scores and prior experience matter, they will only get your foot in the door. Workaholic students with perfect scores yet poor social skills are not what the top business schools want in an MBA student. Make sure your extracurricular activities are highlighted. They can be the extra push necessary to get you to an interview with the admissions committee.

4. Quantitative skills: Be a problem solver

   Business schools look for students who are proven problem solvers. As you’re preparing your application, you might be a bit concerned about your quantitative skills, especially if you haven’t yet taken the GMAT. However, the GMAT is not the only way to show relevant quantitative skills. Did you do well in statistics in college? Can you grasp quantitative concepts quickly? Do you have a job where you crunch through Excel like a wizard? These instances in your application will help demonstrate your abilities regardless of your quantitative score on the GMAT. Schools want to be confident that you will thrive in the MBA program and be able to analyse and discuss quantitative concepts. As long as you figure out a way to show that you are comfortable with problem solving and math, you will have an edge over other applicants.

5. Realistic post-MBA ambitions

   Your long-term professional aspirations must be communicated, even though it’s common for a prospective MBA student to be uncertain about their specific career goals. Start with explaining your proposed plans after graduation and articulate the reasons that this specific MBA program is relevant to your dreams. When it comes to your career ambitions, you have to walk a fine line between being realistic and thinking big. Convey how your past and current roles have provided invaluable experience for managing and overseeing all aspects of a business. Convince the committee that your drive is not contingent upon your acceptance into their program, even though it would certainly aid you.

   There are many reasons to pursue an MBA program: Diversity of employment opportunities, a higher salary and the acquisition of further skills is high among them. Whatever is your reason for applying to business school, gaining acceptance requires showcasing the qualities listed above. It might seem obvious that these are the traits that schools are looking for, but an honest self-assessment will be crucial to completing a holistic application to your preferred MBA program(s). It’s wise to gather feedback from people who know you well, to see if they have any insights they can share about your character, work ethic and values. Distinguishing yourself from the flock while presenting yourself as a worthy MBA student will take a good portion of your time, but if you can convince the admissions committee that you possess these six qualities – by providing excellent examples of each – it ought to put you in a league of your own.

SB Patil MBA College - Best B School in Pune

Make your first impression the best impression

 Every individual wants to a part of the cooperate world. Finding a stable job according to one’s qualification or interest is a challenging task. The job market also can be tough for recent college pass outs irrespective of their qualifications or work experience in the past. The world is becoming more and more competitive. Students are facing various challenges and need to come out of their shell in order to participate in the race.

Each and every individual has various talents in him or her. The skills usually differ or can be the same but the way to present those skills is differently done or carried by each and every individual. To land up in a good firm or to get a job in the field one loves is an ultimate purpose of many individual, and to get such an opportunity RESUME plays a vital role.

Resume defines a person. The way a resume is created or presented decides the fate of a person in that particular or peculiar company. An average resume not only creates a negative impact on the profile but also snatches away many golden opportunity. Hence taking the time to work on your resume is really important.

A resume is a marketing tool. It needs to demonstrate certain aspects such as:


A resume is a marketing tool. It needs to demonstrate:

  • That an individual is worthy to be employed.
  • How the individual meets the job and the organization’s requisites.
  • Right qualifications and education of the individual.
  • Experience and skills
  • The right level of professionalism for the job

There is no specific length format for resume. It depends on one’s experience and skills. One mustn’t pad the resume. Even if it’s a single page as long as the resume is presented well it mustn’t be elongated with unnecessary information.

The information in the resume must be presented in proper order such as:

  • Contact details
  • Opening statement
  • List of key skills
  • List of technical/software skills
  • Personal attributes/career overview
  • Educational qualifications
  • Employment history/volunteering/work placements
  • References

It is also necessary to tailor one’s resume to every job application so that it responds to the specific requirements of the job that one is applying off.

“Resume: A written exaggeration of only the good things a person has done in the past, As well as a Wish list of the qualities a person would like to have”


Colleges and the best business schools give proper guidance to all aspiring individuals who in the next few years are or will be ready to face the new world. Sessions and seminars help in easing such a stress. Education or job, presentation and the way that one carries or himself, changes one’s destiny.

The Sectors of MBA

” A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way”
– John Maxwell.

The sector of education has introduced various careers choices for students. Students can chose their streams according to their likes and interests. The choice has not only encouraged the students to continue to pursue their studies but also specialize in more than one subject.

MBA is that one degree that supercharges one’s career. The graph raises its standard from ordinary to extraordinary. An accredited MBA course from a recognized business school prepares a student in advance for senior management roles in various sectors of business. MBA also brings a notable difference in one’s salary package. Many people compare their success as well as their happiness to their pay or salary.

MBA degree is typically a two year programed that aims at making a candidate skillful in all the subjects of management and an expert in a particular subject. An MBA degree is generalized as a semester or a trimester based program.

The first year of this program is on providing a brief description about various subjects of managements and in the later part students are introduced to the specialized areas in which they wish to expertise in their career. Choosing a specialized stream becomes quite difficult for students as they have to go on with that in order to make a career.

The advantages of pursuing MBA can be stated as:
• Facilitates Career Development.
• Improves knowledge skill and abilities.
• Hastens career change.
• Personality Development.

A student can specialize in various sectors in MBA. Some of them are:

1.MBA in marketing

MBA in marketing offers a lively and competitive as well as attractive career. A degree in MBA(marketing) assists the students to understand the customers as well as the market behaviour and standards. To ahead on with this career an individual must have excellent communication skills as well as resource mobilization skills and utmost dedication.

2. MBA in Human Resource(HR)

MBA in HR are for those who are determined to be a part of Human Resource functions and strategies. A admirable personality along with excellent communication skills will boost up one’s career with a degree in MBA specialized in HR.

3.MBA in operation management
This degree enables the students to deal with production management or shop floor management related functions. This degree will teach an individual to how to maintain process flows, inter-departmental relationships and develop vendor.

4.MBA in IT

This degree is designed to educate and develop managers who can
manage the hardware as well as the software solutions to solve business problems.

5.MBA in International Business

This degree trains an individual to understand in-depth understanding of the organizational capabilities required for international operations. It aims to convey skills pertaining to specialized functions such as finance, international marketing etc.

MBA assures a promising career. But the best B schools needs to be chosen. Pune is considered as en educational hub that welcomes all students far and near. There are best B schools in Pune which imparts valuable knowledge and transforms a student’s personality by making them more confident to face the cooperative world.


Online education
Online education

There are Millions of students in India who go abroad to pursue better education and also for better employment opportunities. If these students could receive the same quality education sitting right at their homes, then why would they expend thousands of dollars travelling and studying abroad? There has been a great revolution in India as Online Education is been delivered in our country.
Online Education in India
In a global level online learning program, India has been recorded to have the second highest number of online course enrollments after the United States, with more than over 155,000 students within the country. And a total of around 1.2 million students worldwide, 15% are from the India while 32% are from U.S
These students now have access to the best courses from all over the globe to be skilled in these domains. A number of well renowned universities are now offering online distance education; they are bringing world class demonstrator and professors to educate the students. There are many courses which can be taken up online like MBA, MCA, MCs, BA Executive MBA, Retail and Digital Marketing can all be taken up online in this developing and online education.

• The students in India are enthusiastic about this online education concept. They want to prove their capabilities and skills while learning in an advanced and interactive environment. Now online education has been taken away all the financial and geographical barriers for receiving quality education.
• The Increasing number in employment is another most important aspect of this revolution. In India students can receive education by the top notch professors.
• Online Education provides professionals with the flexibility to improve and modernize their skill set while working concurrently. This helps them in staying updated about the existing advancements and technologies. This process serves to be time consuming and cost effective procedure for any field and career.
The aspect of education and the global learning experience will see awful improvement with Online Education.
Majority of students in India desire to make a career in the IT and business domain “No Restrictions” is the most important aspect of online education. And the best part of online education is that students from all field and background can enroll for online courses. The increasing percentage of registrations is just going on a very high level exponentially.

And this kind of revolution can be credited to the technological progress with respect to internet, digital services and software devices for accessing information.
Taking into consideration the population and talent of India, Distance Education has a very encouraging future in the country and the expectations of the students are quite high-reaching. Many business competitors are prepared for the scope of this rising industry and are therefore outlining to enter the online education globe.
Counting it up, at this stage, online education is all set to covert the education scenario in India.

Scenario of MBA at a Glance

In today’s business world, getting a higher education is vital part towards success. For that one needs to realize the importance of Post Graduation (PG) course, that it’s Professional degree and not an Academic one.  PG in management helps to get better packages, and easier promotions in corporate world. It adds value to the first degree, helps to broaden one’s horizon and make more constructive at work place. PG gives you the confidence to grow in a stable manner which automatically boosts your morale. That’s why getting a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is so important that leads to opportunities. let’s look at the scenario of MBA at a Glance.

MBA degree is helpful to get brief understanding of business tricks. One can sharpen soft skills also managerial skills by having MBA Degree which helps in team management. According to current employment in India, 80% MBA graduates after completion got recruited within 3 months.

Here are some statistics (2014-2015) about MBA colleges in Maharashtra and enrollment of student comparing with different statistics.

College Categories:

In India colleges are categorized as Private Un-Aided, Private Aided and Government. A college that gets aid from the government is termed as aided college whereas a college that does not get any funds or aid from the government is called as unaided college. Majority of colleges are private compare to government colleges. Almost 76% are privately managed, 61% Private-unaided and 15% Private-aided remaining 24% are government colleges.

best b school in pune

Student’s Enrollment In College According To Management:

Out of 4564 colleges from Maharashtra, 2828 colleges are Private Un-Aided, 929 colleges are Private Aided and 807 are Government colleges. Maharashtra is having maximum number of colleges compared to other states. From which S. B. Patil Institute of Management (SBPIM) is one of the best MBA institute in Pune, established in 2009, nurtured and managed by Pimpri Chinchwad education trust. Two years full time MBA program affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University & approved by AICTE, New Delhi. Across India, highest number of enrollment of student is seen at Under Graduate level.

Levelwise Enrollment:

In India, out of the total 3,32,72,722 students, a vast majority of 2,65,76,140 students are enrolled in Under Graduate that is a sweeping 79.87%. On the other hand, second to Under Graduate, 11.45% students are enrolled in Post-Graduation which is approximately 38.1 lakh students. This PG percentage must get improve for getting more

Total student enrollment has been classified in 8 levels across all the States of India viz – Ph.D., M.Phil., Post Graduate, Under Graduate, PG Diploma, Diploma, Certificate and Integrated. Percentage share of student enrollment in these levels are shown in following fig.

MBA college in pune

Discipline/Subjectwise Enrollment: 

At PG level maximum students are enrolled in Management stream (20.64%), after that that social science with 17.97% followed by IT & Computer disciplines with 10.30% enrollment and remaining are as follows remaining 51% enrollment are of Science,Indian Language(7.94%),Engineering and Technology(6.18%),Foreign Language(4.80%), Medical Science(4.39), Science, etc.

Program-wise Enrollment :

As regard to Program wise enrollment in PG out of 11.8%, M.B.A. has maximum share of students 2.37% after M.A student 3.98% enrollment , after that M.Sc.‐Master of Science(2.04%) , M.C.A. ‐Master of Computer Applications(0.96%), M.Com.‐Master of Commerce(0.87%), M.Tech. ‐Master of Technology(0.49%), M.E.‐Master of Engineering(0.25%), M.S.W.‐Master of Social Work(0.13%), M.Pharm. ‐Master of Pharmacy(0.13%), M.Ed. ‐Master of Education(0.14%) .

Top MBA College in Pune

This statistical result expresses the importance of Post Graduation (MBA), which goes hand in hand for better career opportunities.

Interview Tips For MBA Students

If you are seeking admission for MBA course, you have to go through an admission procedure which is not as simple as you think. You have to get good scores in entrance tests. Your marks in the degree course take you up to the stage of an interview. Before an interview, the college often conducts a written test and a GD. However, the final decision depends on the personal interview. You have to put up your best image and impression at the time of an interview.

Here are some tips that will help you to prepare for an interview for MBA admission.

  • Be in time. Reach early but not late. Start in time leaving some margin for unexpected events like punctures, bus failures, traffic jams which are beyond our control. If you cannot be in time for an interview, how can anyone expect you to be in time for the office?
  • Wear a decent and formal dress. Let it be simple and respectable. Attractive gaudy coloured dresses may create a negative impression.
  • Keep all your documents and certificates neatly arranged in a file in such a way that you should be able to produce any certificate quickly on demand. Rummaging in the file when asked for something implies wasting time of the interviewers and it will not be appreciated.
  • Ask permission to enter the room before you enter and do not sit down until you are asked to do so. Thank the members of the interviewing committee for offering you a seat and greet them respectfully before you begin.
  • Sit in a comfortable posture but not in a causal way; the way you sit, talk, make gestures, your tone, your expressions, movements, etc. speak of your attitude and interviewers constantly make a note of these details. Do not fold your hands or cross your legs during an interview.
  • Answer the questions that are asked. Avoid giving additional information unnecessarily. See that your answers are precise and to the point.
  • Try to be at ease. Ease your mind, muster courage and face the interview bravely. Any sign of fear or nervousness will not escape the interviewers’ eyes.
  • Remember that you are seeking a high profile job course. Let your confidence match your aspirations.
  • You will be asked to say something about yourself initially. Decide what you are going to say. Let it be enough but limited. Do not go deep into personal details.
  • Avoid movements like twitching your fingers, biting fingernails or twiddling with a pen. Look straight ahead at the interviewers.
  • Gather some information about the syllabus, the college in which you are seeking admission, the scope of the course, in case you are asked related questions.

MBA interviews can sometimes be more challenging than you may imagine. If you are well-prepared you can crack the nut assuredly.

At S. B. Patil MBA College, the admission process is simple. If you possess the necessary qualifications as per the University rules and if you produce all necessary documents, the college provides complete support so that you can clear he admission steps easily. S. B. Patil is a renowned MBA College that ensures 100% placement to the students.


MBA In Finance a Guide For A Right Choice

Best B School in Pune

MBA is a two-year PG programme that offers scope for management education in a range of subjects. The most popular among them are HR, Marketing and Finance. Initially students associated Finance with the banking sector. However, with the growth of industrialization, Finance became an important stream.

“Finance as a subject involves the management, control and review of the collection, investment and resources of money as a capital required for an industrial building, plant and working”.

This activity is called as the Financial Management which is controlled by the Finance Manager. Finance Manager became a prestigious post in a business organization and many aspirants sought the high paid position after completing MBA in finance.

Improper management of Finance in an organization can create financial crisis. Hence financial managers are being appointed in almost all companies.

Finance as a subject for specialization is a wise choice for all these reasons.

If you are thinking of doing MBA in finance, you can follow some guidelines which will complement the course and add advantages to your studies.

For seeking admission to MBA course you have to complete graduation in any stream. However, commerce is the ideal stream for MBA Finance. Economics is part of the curriculum throughout for commerce students. A deep study of Economics adds value to MBA Finance and also makes it easy for students. Economics, Accounts and Costing are also part of MBA syllabus.

MBA College in Pune

MBA Finance is a wonderful combination of practical and theoretical subjects. If you are not good at one type, you can score marks in the other type.

MBA Finance requires hard work and dedication. Choose the option only if you are prepared to devote yourself to study. The course is not very difficult but rather demanding.

Besides subjects like Accounts and Economics, MBA Finance curriculum includes certain common skills related to general management in any field. Students acquire skills like analytical thinking, managerial decisions, communication skills, maintaining balance between risk and profitability and so on. The course also includes corporate finance, international finance, budgeting, investment, securities and working capital management.

You can do the MBA in finance after the completion of UG degree in Engineering, medical, science, art and humanities.

To get the admission in MBA with any specialization, it is necessary to appear and score in GMAT Exam or CMAT Exam (Graduate Management Admission Test/ Combined Management Admission Test).

Some of the affiliated universities conduct their own admission examination.

You can do the MBA in finance through the distance learning education programme. If you want to do a regular course chose a college wisely.

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