Make your first impression the best impression

 Every individual wants to a part of the cooperate world. Finding a stable job according to one’s qualification or interest is a challenging task. The job market also can be tough for recent college pass outs irrespective of their qualifications or work experience in the past. The world is becoming more and more competitive. Students are facing various challenges and need to come out of their shell in order to participate in the race.

Each and every individual has various talents in him or her. The skills usually differ or can be the same but the way to present those skills is differently done or carried by each and every individual. To land up in a good firm or to get a job in the field one loves is an ultimate purpose of many individual, and to get such an opportunity RESUME plays a vital role.

Resume defines a person. The way a resume is created or presented decides the fate of a person in that particular or peculiar company. An average resume not only creates a negative impact on the profile but also snatches away many golden opportunity. Hence taking the time to work on your resume is really important.

A resume is a marketing tool. It needs to demonstrate certain aspects such as:


A resume is a marketing tool. It needs to demonstrate:

  • That an individual is worthy to be employed.
  • How the individual meets the job and the organization’s requisites.
  • Right qualifications and education of the individual.
  • Experience and skills
  • The right level of professionalism for the job

There is no specific length format for resume. It depends on one’s experience and skills. One mustn’t pad the resume. Even if it’s a single page as long as the resume is presented well it mustn’t be elongated with unnecessary information.

The information in the resume must be presented in proper order such as:

  • Contact details
  • Opening statement
  • List of key skills
  • List of technical/software skills
  • Personal attributes/career overview
  • Educational qualifications
  • Employment history/volunteering/work placements
  • References

It is also necessary to tailor one’s resume to every job application so that it responds to the specific requirements of the job that one is applying off.

“Resume: A written exaggeration of only the good things a person has done in the past, As well as a Wish list of the qualities a person would like to have”


Colleges and the best business schools give proper guidance to all aspiring individuals who in the next few years are or will be ready to face the new world. Sessions and seminars help in easing such a stress. Education or job, presentation and the way that one carries or himself, changes one’s destiny.

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