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Benefits of MBA(SBPIM)

MBA is Master of Business Administration. The degree which helps you to become master in the specific field. It is a degree offering many professional and personal benefits. Itcanprovide knowledge in accounting, finance, marketing and manufacturing and opportunities to become the best manager, best leader, and perfect personality. After MBA you will get the higher salary, top position in the industry and even you can become a boss of your own organization.  This course will improve your leadership skillswhich are needed for your professional success.

Career benefits of MBA degree:

  1. Improve your managerial skills

Studying an MBA deals with the latest issues in international business, constantly challenge yourself and apply new management techniques.It teaches you everything that makes the company profitable.  Such as in manufacturing and selling your products, keepingthe company financially healthy, maintaining company’s positive image and hiring the best people and motivate them.

  1. Free access to the large business network

During MBA you will connect with the business network through internships. You have the great network opportunity. You will connect with people who can guide you on your career path.  Your connections will give you best overview of the business world.

  1. New career paths are open to you

Taking a degree in MBA provides the necessary education and skill to help you to become a perfect and qualified candidate. It can give you many career paths in different fields like marketing, manufacturing, and finance. MBA makes you perfect for every field and for every business.


  1. Improve your professional skills

MBA helps you to improve your leadership, communication, and teamwork. One of the benefits of MBA is it improves your theoretical and practical knowledge. And this knowledge is more beneficial for you to operate your business.  These skills can help you while starting your own business.

  1. Job security

The skill you learn in MBA will make you a valuable member of any team. And you can work anywhere comfortably. In today’s job market there is no security of a job. If you have these many skills it will help you maintain your position in the organization. And you can use these skills in business also.

  1. Your benefits

MBA guides you in your career path. This degree is useful for those who are focused on a particular career. It teaches you general things that are important in any job or in your business. It will give you chance to experiment with your approach to develop your management and interpersonal skill.

  1. You can get better offers

In MBA you have to complete an internship. An internship is basically training in the industry for some duration. This is the best opportunity for you to connect with the corporate world, to experience new things regarding work, to improve your skill. You can get an offer from the industry where you complete your internship.

MBA trainsyou; build you as per employer’sneed. MBA is an interdisciplinary course from a field of economics, sociology, psychology, accounting, and finance.Thisdegree serves to provide the enhancements in life and work that you searching for.The curriculum is designed in such a way that high level of focus is given to producing future managers. To be a perfect manager you have to get admission in the best MBA College. During your MBA you can find a mentor, a friend, a business partner, and endless career opportunities. It teaches you to be the best leader, the best coworker, the best entrepreneur and the best manager.

We have the art of creating leaders. We are S. B. Patil Institute of Management (SBPIM).

We give future managers to the world. SBPIM motivate students to face the challenging world. To give practical knowledge institutes organize industrial visits, guest lectures, seminar presentations, and workshops. The soft skill and personality development workshop help students to build their confidence, positive attitude and to increase team spirit. Our major goal is to impart management education and to enhance curiosity and innovativeness in students. SBPIM provides advance and well-equipped computer labs, well-equipped library, well-ventilated classrooms with LCD projectors. Also fully conditioned seminar halls and playground. Facilities are provided by SBPIM like Hostels, Mess, Canteens, Gym, and ATM facility also.

SBPIM is one of the top recruitment MBA college in Pune. Our students are placed in Finance, marketing, HR, Operation etc. Our students work at Amtek, Assent R & D Pvt. Ltd, Axis Bank, Bajaj Finserv Ltd, Bharati Airtel Ltd, Cummins India Ltd, Eaton Corporation Ltd, Eklavya builders Pvt Ltd, Flipkart.com, HDFC Bank Ltd, Tata Docomo, Tech Mahindra, The cosmos cooperative bank Ltd, Network software Pvt Ltd, Shoppers stop, VIP Industries Ltd, State Street Syntel.

Best B School In Pune

If you want to know more about us then please visit our website http://www.sbpatilmba.com.




   Usually, people talk about roles and responsibilities and get away by saying that either they are good at management or are pathetic at it; it hardly defines what level of management they refer to.

   Every individual has to manage, the level and roles and responsibilities might be different; it could be at home or office or outside. Everywhere the skill set looks to be different but all have common goals. The goal has to be to make things look easy, to make things smooth and to be productive at the same time. Some people are God gifted with the management skills, some learn it on the field, and most of us look for ways to learn it. Therefore, MBA is the chosen field of interest for many of us.

   Every MBA program has a primary set of admission requirements. Nearly all of the fields amongst them require a bachelor’s degree and most look positively on several years of prior work experience. Other expectations might include excellent letters of recommendation and a top GMAT score.

   Top business schools in Pune do not merely want an ordinary student; they are looking for special Students. Here are some of the qualities major schools try to find in an MBA student:

1. Passion: Going ‘all in’

   At first glance, having passion sounds fulfilling, uplifting and elevating. It is a vital ingredient, which we need to stay engaged and tuned into ourselves. The concept of passion is something that everyone loves, yet few really grasp and live out its true meaning. The word ‘passion’ is derived from Ancient Greek and Latin verbs used to convey ‘suffering’.

   In our modern context, passion has become known only for its positive associations, but it’s important not to forget the amount of energy that passion requires. Passion can be cultivated if you have the curiosity and openness to be passionate about something. In the case of applying to business school, the MBA admissions committee will want to see someone who is passionate, willing to shoulder the risk and doesn’t steer away from making sacrifices. Being smart and talented is simply not enough. What will get you through the difficult task of paying your dues is passion since it is what makes your efforts worthwhile. The committee will pay close attention to those individuals who are able to demonstrate their passion, which shows a fullness of character that can’t be gleaned from data alone.

2. Leadership

   The MBA admissions committee is also concerned with the leadership achievements of a prospective MBA student. Top business schools want to draw in leaders who’ve already contributed positively to their communities and societies, so you should round up examples of how you have shown yourself to be a go-getter.

   Give specific instances of how you marshalled resources, motivated others around you to join together, and proposed a creative solution. Even if you can’t think of a specific, concrete example of leadership, the objective is to show how and where you made a true impact. It’s OK if the examples you have don’t initially strike you as particularly noteworthy or attention-getting. After all, the best leaders are usually those who are also strong team players. When you are applying for business school, hone in on instances in which you showed personal initiative. When an opportunity arises, are you the first to dive in and go for it?

3. Community service

   Even though community service is generally perceived as being voluntary, it is highly valued by many business schools. This is because community service almost always reflects your priorities and values, and speaks volumes about you as a person. Community service is a broad category that encompasses taking an active role and interest in your surrounding environment. It provides an opportunity for you to reveal facets of yourself that aren’t immediately apparent in your application. More importantly, your history of activism and participation shows the MBA admissions committee that you are likely to be an active contributor to their student and alumni organisations. As much as your test scores and prior experience matter, they will only get your foot in the door. Workaholic students with perfect scores yet poor social skills are not what the top business schools want in an MBA student. Make sure your extracurricular activities are highlighted. They can be the extra push necessary to get you to an interview with the admissions committee.

4. Quantitative skills: Be a problem solver

   Business schools look for students who are proven problem solvers. As you’re preparing your application, you might be a bit concerned about your quantitative skills, especially if you haven’t yet taken the GMAT. However, the GMAT is not the only way to show relevant quantitative skills. Did you do well in statistics in college? Can you grasp quantitative concepts quickly? Do you have a job where you crunch through Excel like a wizard? These instances in your application will help demonstrate your abilities regardless of your quantitative score on the GMAT. Schools want to be confident that you will thrive in the MBA program and be able to analyse and discuss quantitative concepts. As long as you figure out a way to show that you are comfortable with problem solving and math, you will have an edge over other applicants.

5. Realistic post-MBA ambitions

   Your long-term professional aspirations must be communicated, even though it’s common for a prospective MBA student to be uncertain about their specific career goals. Start with explaining your proposed plans after graduation and articulate the reasons that this specific MBA program is relevant to your dreams. When it comes to your career ambitions, you have to walk a fine line between being realistic and thinking big. Convey how your past and current roles have provided invaluable experience for managing and overseeing all aspects of a business. Convince the committee that your drive is not contingent upon your acceptance into their program, even though it would certainly aid you.

   There are many reasons to pursue an MBA program: Diversity of employment opportunities, a higher salary and the acquisition of further skills is high among them. Whatever is your reason for applying to business school, gaining acceptance requires showcasing the qualities listed above. It might seem obvious that these are the traits that schools are looking for, but an honest self-assessment will be crucial to completing a holistic application to your preferred MBA program(s). It’s wise to gather feedback from people who know you well, to see if they have any insights they can share about your character, work ethic and values. Distinguishing yourself from the flock while presenting yourself as a worthy MBA student will take a good portion of your time, but if you can convince the admissions committee that you possess these six qualities – by providing excellent examples of each – it ought to put you in a league of your own.

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