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Mentorship Program


Mentorship Program, SBPIM

“It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves, that will make them successful human beings.” - Ann Landers

The Mentorship Program at S. B. Patil Institute of Management focuses on this ideology of mentor mentee relationship. The Mentorship Program focuses on the overall development of the students. Student development in higher education is the integration of academic learning programs with the larger issues of personal improvement and individual growth. It is a student centered, holistic experience focused on understanding (and demonstrating) values, nurturing skills, and moving towards knowledge. The student should be developed to be successful in his career and also should be a responsible citizen of this nation. The student should be guided on the values, ethics, soft skills and behavioral aspects for fine tuning their personality.

The program focuses on the ideology, which is as under –

Mentorship Program, SBPIM

Objectives of Mentorship Program -

  • To create a positive and expedient learning experiences for students through mentorship programme and provide personal and professional support to them.
  • To build a robust, trustworthy relationship, constructive attitudes and life skills in students through mentoring.
  • To assist students to identify career paths.
  • To contour students into confident individuals with excellent management skills, critical thinking, soft skills, professional knowledge and other skills those are crucial in the corporate life.
  • To imbibe the importance of values and ethics as an integral part of their life.

Benefits to Mentors and Students:-

  • Help the faculty members to enjoy the teaching learning process.
  • Help the faculty members to understand students.
  • Create team spirit among students.
  • Create Sense of responsibility and ownership among students
  • Basic moral values to be instilled through the process
  • Help the students to take decisions
  • Reduce the gap between students and teachers.
  • Create an environment of mutual Understanding among students and teachers.

Mentorship Programme Torch bearers
Dr. Iram-Sultana Ansari and Mrs. Shilpa Kundle