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Call for Papers

SBPIM JOMAT is a bi-annual journal brought out by the S.B.Patil Institute of Management, Pune, JOMAT aims to take on the practices, concepts, and ideas in the field of management and administration, with a prominence to provide managerial and administration insight, which tomorrow become a part of business functions.

SBPIM JOMAT invites manuscripts from management practitioners, researchers and academician in any managerial and administrative function of the business. Our emphasis is on papers that focus on emerging economies and business throughout the world. These papers improves the though process and the novel analysis provides guidance to the managers and contribute to make a better tomorrow.

A Full length manuscript (up to 5,000 words) on all the functions, policy framing, decision making form the journal; at present we are focusing on the research papers, articles and cases.

SBPIM JOMAT is a peer reviewed journal and follow a 'double blind' review process. All the articles, papers are initially screened by editorial committee and those appropriate particles, papers are sent to the reviewer.

SUBMISSION OF ARTICLES:The authors may send their manuscript on infojomat@gmail.com, infosbpim@gmail.com The whole manuscript is required to be in ONE MSWORD FILE only.

COVER PAGE: The cover page of the manuscript containing the title, AUTHOR NAME (S) & AFFILIATIONS: The author (s) full name, designation, affiliation (s), address, mobile/landline numbers, and email/alternate email address should be in italic & 11-point Calibri Font. It must be centered underneath the title.

ABSTRACT: Abstract should be in fully italicized text, not exceeding 250 words. The abstract must be informative and explain the background, aims, methods, results & conclusion in a single para. Abbreviations must be mentioned in full.

KEYWORDS: Abstract must be followed by a list of keywords, subject to the maximum of five. These should be arranged in alphabetic order separated by commas and full stops at the end.

MANUSCRIPT: Manuscript must be prepared on a standard A4 size PORTRAIT SETTING PAPER. It must be prepared on a single space and double column with 1” margin set for top, bottom, left and right. It should be typed in 10 point Calibri Font with page numbers at the bottom and centre of every page. It should be free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and must be thoroughly edited.

HEADINGS: All the headings should be in a 10 point Calibri Font. These must be bold-faced, aligned left and fully capitalised. Leave a blank line before each heading.

SUB-HEADINGS: All the sub-headings should be in a 8 point Calibri Font. These must be bold-faced, aligned left and fully capitalised.

MAIN TEXT: The main text should be in a 10 point Calibri Font, single spaced and justified. The manuscript should preferably not exceed 5000 WORDS.

FIGURES &TABLES: These should be simple, centered, separately numbered & self explained, and titles must be above the table/figure. Sources of data should be mentioned below the table/figure. It should be ensured that the tables/figures are referred to from the main text.

REFERENCES: The authors (s) are supposed to follow the references as per the following:

  1. 1. All works cited in the text (including sources for tables and figures) should be listed alphabetically as appropriatethe name of author(s), year of publication, title of the article/book, name of the journal, details of the publisher, volume and issue number, and starting and ending page numbers.
  2. 2. URL of online sources with access date.

SAMPLE JOURNAL REFERENCES: Krishnaswamy S.G., (2006), Sugar Factory Efficiency Measurement; Application of Data Envelopment Analysis – A New insight for managers' paradigm, The research journal of Institute for Management and Technology, Vol. X No.2, July- December, PP. 79-82

SAMPLE BOOK REFERENCES: Chandra Prasanna, (2008), Financial Management Theory and Practice, 7th Edition, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi.

COPYRIGHT: The author (s) must transfer the authority and copyright to the publisher if the manuscript accepted for publication and certify that all the material used directly or indirectly must met the copyright requirement.

No part of the material published in SBPIM JOMAT may be reproduced, photocopied or stored in electronic format and used for commercial purpose. For reprint and permission to use material please send the request to editor SBPIM JOMAT or call (+91) 020 27656900 or e-mail infojomat@gmail.com, infosbpim@gmail.com